Pioneer Gauges - High Standard Pressure Gauges
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Pioneer Gauges - High Standard Pressure Gauges
  STANDARD PRESSURE GAUGES Pioneers Pressure Gauges
Pioneers Pressure Gauges
  The standard range of pressure gauges are designed for general pneumatic or hydraulic use and are available in sizes from 40mm upto 300mm in diameter. Being constructed using either black epoxy coated steel casing or 304 stainless steel casing and having a brass movement fitted, the standard pressure sensing element material is phosphor bronze (upto 40 bar/600psi) or 316 stainless steel above this (upto 2000bar/30000psi).

The 200mm and 300mm gauges can only be supplied with black cases and are not fillable, all gauge manufactured using stainless steel cases can be supplied dry/fillable or filled.
Standard Pressure Gauge   Standard Pressure Gauge

Ranges Available : -1 to 2500bar.

Accuracy: Class 1.6 to 2.5 (+/-1.6 to 2.5% fsd) on smaller diameter gauges (40/50/63mm).

Accuracy: Class 1.0 (+/-1.0% fsd) on 100mm to 300mm diameter gauges.

All Gauges are manufactured BS EN 837-1.
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Pioneer Gauges - High Standard Pressure Gauges
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