Pioneer Gauges - Schaffer Diaphragm Gauge, Diaphragm Pressure Gauge
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Pioneer Gauges - Schaffer Diaphragm Gauge, Diaphragm Pressure Gauge
  SCHAFFER DIAPHRAGM GAUGES Pioneers Pressure Gauges
Pioneers Pressure Gauges
  The Schaffer diaphragm gauge is fully constructed in stainless steel using 304 stainless steel casing and movement 316stainless steel wetted parts, and in place of the usual bourdon tube or capsule type pressure sensing element this gauge utilises a mechanical linkage between the movement and diaphragm. This type of diaphragm gauge is primarily being used where the process medium may be highly viscous or possibly even solidify, where on normal gauges the sensing element would become inoperable, a clean out chamber can be fitted to aid in cleaning out any solidified medium. In addition all wetted parts can be manufactured with special chemical resistant coatings i.e. PTFE.

Process connections can be of either screwed or flanged type depending on requirement. All gauges manufactured using stainless steel cases can be supplied dry/fillable or filled.
Schaffer Diaphragm Gauges   Schaffer Diaphragm Gauges

Case sizes available : 100/150mm.

Ranges Available: 400mbar to 30bar (100mm chamber).
Ranges Available: 25mbar to 350mbar (160mm chamber).

Accuracy: Class 1.6 (+/-1.6% fsd).

All Gauges are manufactured BS EN 837-1.
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Schaffer Diaphragm Gauge, Diaphragm Pressure Gauge
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